Decorating with Portraiture

Did you know that decorating with portraiture is one way to increase your child’s self-esteem? By displaying portraits of them where they can see them, this loving presence reminds each child of their place in the family. Did you also know that it’s good Feng Shui to have a family portrait of all family members in the home?  Just don’t let the portrait face an outside door in the home…it means your family prefers to leave than stay!

These are just two of the tips that we have for decorating with portraits.  We by no means want you to go overboard, we want you to have just want you need and nothing more.  We actually would love to invite you to our home-studio so that you can see just how we decorate our own home with portraits!

Here are some fun and creative ways to display your portraits as well.  We’re not big fans of single HUGE portraits.  We’d rather show a collection of small-medium sized framed or canvas portraits and an occasional large portrait for a strong emphasis.  We feel that by using collections of prints you’re able to tell a story of that specific moment in your family’s or child’s life and through that will be able to cherish that moment for years to come.


Looking for more tips?  We have several guides & informational materials that we can send to you.  Just contact us for details.