Boudoir Photography Info Request

Thank you for contacting us!

We’d love to help you out with your photography needs providing quality boudoir photography in Waterloo and Cedar Falls and the surrounding Iowa area.  Please fill out the form below and we’ll set up a time to talk with you about your session and specific needs.  Please note that we only photograph tasteful boudoir and that by request we will ensure that Rachel is present at all sessions.

Testimonial from recent clients: “My session was completely at my comfort level! Dan & Rachel both work side by side to make sure I was comfortable and that my privacy was number one, both in session and with my images! My husband was absolutely in love with the finished product and will now have his favorite images in a beautiful book!”

“Dan and Rachel are extremely professional, and made the session really fun! Best of all, my husband loves the gift, and seeing the amazing pictures makes me feel beautiful. “



Each of our clients possesses a unique beauty that we love to discover, cultivate, and capture on camera.From our experience photographing Boudoir, we’ve learned that beauty is anything but skin deep; it’s an attitude, a strength, a dark secret within you. Our job is not to depict an artificial version of you, but instead to bring into the light that special beautiful something which makes you one in a million. We greatly look forward to working with you.When we started offering boudoir sessions we made the decision that first and foremost the sessions would be 100% discrete and private.  We have no samples of our work from these sessions to show you because we NEVER share the images outside of who you have them sent to.  No marketing is done with your images, ever.  Please keep in mind however that we will only photograph tasteful images.Currently we offer two different boudoir sessions depending on what you’re looking to do with the images.  We have a hotel session that is great if you want to get the sexy images on a fluffy bed or bubbles in a Jacuzzi and have several different options ready to build an album or book.  If you’re just looking for a few specific poses in your fun & flirty outfits then we also offer a studio session.  Both sessions include a makeup artist at the session if available and if not we’ll set up with our partner salon, Jiva, and get you taken care of there.

We do have some specific products that are great for our boudoir ladies.  We have a custom designed album option that requires the hotel session, a hard cover ‘look book’ that showcases just you with no distractions from design work, we have an image box that stores your favorite prints and can be used to store other goodies as the years go on, and then of course you can always buy single prints and canvases to put on display in your bedroom or wherever you’d like at your home.  If you’re really adventurous you can add-on a 12 month calendar for your hubby to take wherever he needs!