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Welcome Seniors!

Dear Seniors,

There maybe be a time, not to long from now, when you’ve grown into who you are dreaming about becoming and you’ll look back on the memories you are creating now. You’ll see hundreds of seemingly small moments combine with your own ambitions and dreams and you’ll realize, right now was only the beginning.

These are the times to let linger. The ones to not rush and give yourself patience for. These are the memories you’ll want to hold onto because they are shaping you, your destiny and all of the things you will accomplish. This time in your life will be like no other and as you step into the next chapter we want to celebrate the journey passions, hope, and dreams that got you here. This time is the foundation into the next season of your life and we want to be there celebrating your success. As you step beyond being a senior and into the next chapter of love and life, we want to give you moments to hold onto to inspire you, show you where you began in hopes to encourage you to press onto where you are meant to be.

Dear Moms of Seniors,

We know, you have thought of these moments their whole life. You’ve watched them take every step towards learning about the mystery of their own greatness, their own potential and their own abilities that were never a secret to you. More than once, you folded countless mountains of laundry and smiled as they grabbed the car keys and headed out the door. You’ve been preparing for them to go, and even if you aren’t quite ready yet, we know, you’ll never fully let them go.

We want to give you the moments to look back on when they have stepped into everything they will become knowing it took your heart to get them here. You’ll see as they grow and change into adults and you’ll see that they won’t be any less impacted by the love you have invested into this time now. Their future is a reflection of the past love and life you have given. Your heart is imprinted on their life, and they’ll always come back knowing you’ll be there to give them a smile as they walk out the door.
Images of the now are for them, and for you.

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Senior Sessions

All sessions include:

  • Minor retouching for facial blemishes
  • Facebook images
    *Facebook images are free with first purchase.

Basic Session

  • Unlimited Outfits
  • 45 minute session
  • Indoors at our studio
  • $75.00

Enhanced Session

  • Unlimited Outfits
  • Up to 2 hours
  • Indoors at our studio & Outdoors on location
  • Proof Video to share with family & friends after first purchase.
  • $125.00

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Underwater Lumavueimage by Dan Phillips Photography - Cedar Falls, Iowaimage by Dan Phillips Photography - Cedar Falls, Iowa

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Cheerleader-web9408image by Dan Phillips Photography - Cedar Falls, Iowa


For the Senior – What to Wear??

Ok seniors…here is what you need to know to make the most of your session.


  • Bring one of mom/dad’s pick that MUST be used, one of your pick that MUST be used and then 4-5 others that we’ll help you pick from.
  • Don’t forget the outfit for your yearbook photo, and check with the school to see if they have any guidelines or rules for the outfit OR backdrop.
  • ACCESSORIES!  This isn’t just for you girls…guys can have them too…
  • Try to avoid tight fitting clothes, extremely baggy clothes…clothes that are new and JUST ARE NOT YOU!


  • Style your hair in a way that you would normally style it.  Don’t do anything too crazy that you’d never do again.
  • If you’re planning to get it cut before your session then guys go the week before and girls go at least two weeks before your session.  This will allow you to test it & see what you like and don’t like about it!
  • Girls, remember the hairspray…even if you normally don’t use it, it’s a good thing to bring to help manage those stray hairs.
  • Guys, be sure to shave…just not the day of the session.


  • Don’t wear makeup any heavier than you normally would.
  • If you normally don’t wear makeup, we do recommend a light foundation or powder to reduce shine & to help smooth out the skin.
  • Guys…I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little powder on you as well.
  • If you want a dramatic look, bring the makeup and put it on heavy for the last bit of your session & we’ll go extreme!


  • Be sure to clip & trim the nails…clean up or re-do old polish.
  • Try using lotion the week before the session to avoid dry-looking skin.


  • To avoid reflection in your lenses you can opt to wear contacts, OR
  • Ask your Optometrist about borrowing an empty frame or removing your lenses for your session.
  • Please know that removing glasses glare from the photo will be an extra charge in editing.

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Want to be a Senior Rep and earn free prints & product?

A senior rep is someone who wants to work with us on getting the word out to other seniors & juniors about our studio.  Senior reps are “paid” with credit back towards your session, print credit & specialty items.

Essentially all you do is talk with your friends and tell them about us.  If they come in for their own session with us and turn in one of your referral cards, then you get credit!  We have different gifts for different levels of referrals…parents can even help with the referrals and send word to your friends and their parents for you.

Not just anyone can be a senior rep though.  We typically limit this to two students from each High School.  If you’re interested in becoming a senior rep please contact us & we’ll go over the program with you as well as get permission from your parents.

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