What to Wear for Family Photos

So you’ve decided the when and where for you session…but now what?  Now you have to decide what to wear.  Which shoes, which top, which socks?!?  No worries, we’ve got you covered.  We don’t follow any specific rules since we feel more that rules are meant to be broken!  BUT we do want you to be you.  We want to photograph you in what you’re comfortable in…so while you might see some inspirational guides or recommendations, please be sure to be true to yourself first.

Below are some general inspirational slides that have a monthly rotation of what to wear for the entire family.  If you’d like some more direction and specifically direction on your particular session, whether it’s a maternity, newborn, 5yr old or a multi-generation family photo we’ve got the perfect guide just for you.  Just contact us and we’ll be more than happy to either email it to you or mail a hard copy to you right away!


Cascade.jpgphotography what to wear guide.jpgProvincialBlue.jpgPumpkinSpice.jpgRhubarb.jpgSheepskin.jpgTeal.jpgTeaRose.jpgwhat to wear_V3Issue2_2012.jpgwhat to wear_V3Issue3_2012.jpgwhat to wear_V3Issue4_2012.jpgwhat to wear_V3Issue5_2012.jpgwhat to wear_V3Issue6_2012.jpgwhat to wear_V3Issue7_2012.jpgwhat to wear_V3Issue8_2012.jpgwhat to wear_V3Issue9_2012.jpg